School of Nursing Gombe Past Questions And Answers pdf

School of Nursing Gombe Past Questions And Answers pdf. Are you currently searching for Gombe School of Nursing Past Questions for the 2022 screening exercise.

Here is the latest and up to date Gombe School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers pdf . We are always dedicated to bring you quality and up to date nursing school entrance exam questions and answers to help you prepare for School of Nursing entrance examination. So, if you are currently preparing to write the entrance examination into the Gombe School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers pdf , then this is where to download their past questions and answers.

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 Subject Combination of School of Nursing Gombe Past Questions And Answers

Here are the areas to expect questions from in the School of Nursing Gombe entrance examination. School of Nursing entrance exam questions answers are picked from the following:

  • Use of English
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Sample School Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Nursing school exam questions are not cheap. Below are samples of questions contained in the Gombe School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers. You will get the full copy when you get the material.

1. Which statement about the concept of temperature is NOT true?

A Temperature decides the direction of heat flow between two bodies
B Temperature is a measure of the coldness of a body
C Temperature is a vector quantity
D Temperature is a measure of the hotness of a body.
E Temperature scales include Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin

2. The respiratory organ found in the cockroach is the

A air sac
B trachea
C lung book
D lung
E gill

3. Calculate the mass of copper deposited when a current of 0.5 amperes was passed through a solution of copper(II) chloride for 45 minutes in an electrolytic cell. [Cu = 64, F = 96500Cmol-1]

A 0.300g
B 0.250g
C 0.2242g
D 0.448g

4. Which is a stringed instrument?

A drum
B flute
C piano
D saxophone
E trumpet

5. Which of the following organs is associated with the deamination of proteins?

A lung
B stomach
C kidney
D liver
E heart

6. C3H5 – COH3 =CH2

The IUPAC nomenclature of the structure above is

A 3-methybut-3-ene
B 2-methylbut-1-ene
C 2-ethylprop-1-ene
D 2-methylbut-2-ene

7. The wavelength of a stationary wave is 24.0cm. What is the distance between a node and the next antinodes?

A 6.0cm
B 12.0cm
C 18.0cm
D 24.0cm
E 48.0cm



8. Members of the phylum protozoa use the contractile vacuole

A. to remove excess food
B. for movement
C. for digestion
D. to remove excess water

9. The response shown by the tips of the root and shoot of a plant to the stimulus of gravity is

A. haptropisrn
B. phototropism
C. hydrotropism
D. geotropism

10. Which of the following is the correct order of the vertebrae along the spinal column?

A. axis atlas thoracic lumbar cervical sacral
B. atlas cervical axis thoracic lumbar sacral
C. atlas axis cervical thoracic lumbar sacral
D. axis cervical thoracic sacral lumbar.

 Benefits Of Gombe School of Nursing past Question and Answer

Here are some reasons why getting the Gombe School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers is the best decisions  you could ever make:

  • This past questions and answers gives you a clue on the scope of examination
  • A good percentage of question has the tendency of returning
  • Importantly, it guides you and helps you to be self-confident
  • You have a chance of seeing series of questions asked over the years
  • Gets you in shape and focused for the examination
  • With these past questions, you can time yourself and see if you can meet up during examination.
  • The past questions serve as a guide, giving you an insight into how the exams are being set and perhaps how trickery the answers can be.

Important Tip: Years gone by, the revelation has been that a great portion of questions do repeat themselves. So, equipping yourself with the knowledge of how these questions are set helps you to be prepared beforehand and stay ahead of your competition.

How to Download School of Nursing Gombe Past Questions And Answers pdf

Note: School of Nursing past question and Answers are not for free, rather they are bout for just ₦2000. Do not allow anyone to deceive you about downloading free past questions and answers for free because it is never true.

Method of Payment

In other to get the material delivered to your mailbox in PDF format, you are to make a bank deposit of ₦2000 naira to the following bank details:

  • Account Number: 2177165713

  • Account Name: Miracle Effiong Yellow

  • Bank Name UBA Bank

After payment, please send The Following to this Number (07088990507)

  1. Name of the School
  2. Course of Study
  3. Your email address or Whatsapp number to 07088990507 and we will forward the preferred past questions and answers to you in PDF format.

We at Shanuniverse wish you all the best as you try taking another step in your life.  Congrats in Advance.


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