UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions for Engineering pdf Download

UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions for Engineering pdf Download.. We have the complete and up to date University of Benin post utme past questions and answers for Engineering stocked for you. So, if you are preparing to write the UNIBEN post UTME screening examination in the faculty of Engineering and perhaps looking for past questions and answers then, you definitely will have it here.

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Faculty of Engineering is undoubtedly one of the toughest Faculties to gain admission into if not the toughest. This situation is almost the same across every reputable institution in Nigeria. Students who are vying for admission into this very department work even extra hard to be admitted. Most institution admits very few numbers of students, making it quite competitive to have your name shortlisted even after scoring pretty high in JAMB.

UNIBEN Post UTME Syllabus for Engineering

UNIBEN Post UTME Syllabus is nothing different from that of JAMB. There is nothing to actually worry about if you had genuinely passed JAMB yourself. So, the question is, did you write jamb yourself, if yes, then the syllabus for this particular post UTME examination shouldn’t be a case for you at all. Meanwhile, it is advised to study quite hard and wide while preparing for this as questions can be thrown just from anyway withing the subject combined. The benchmark is we can’t lay our hand on this institution’s entrance screening syllabus but if you can get it from elsewhere, then good and fine.

How Many Questions are There in UNIBEN Engineering Post UTME

UNIBEN post utme question is usually 40 in number spread across the subject combined with the majority of questions coming most from English in some departments. For example, those in science faculty will likely see something like this;

Twenty (20) questions from English Language Four (4) questions from Biology
Four (4) questions from Physics
Four (4) questions from Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer or as may be decided in the post utme screening committee.

UNIBEN Post UTME Subject Combination for Engineering

Solely dependent on the faculty and course in question. For instance, those aspiring for the Faculty of Engineering are expected to have a subject combination of Mathematics, English, Physics, and Chemistry. The same implies to other courses and faculty. As a matter of fact, students should expect a similar subject combination as that which they wrote during JAMB. The benchmark is, there are usually subjects combined except for any significant change recently which hasn’t been announced yet.

How to Pass UNIBEN Engineering Post UTME

How to Pass UNIBEN Post UTME? Well, the answer is study, study, and study very hard. Though the questions are not quite as tough as what students imagine. Believe me, you can give it an ace with super and adequate preparation. The reason you should do more is that there are thousands of students equally looking to get admitted into this institution and the school can’t accumulate them all.

Nature of UNIBEN Post UTME for Engineering and What to Expect

The nature of the post UTME in this school has remained the same over the years. 40 questions in total picked from four different subject areas as combined for your intending course of study. Questions are not tough, if you truly wrote and pass JAMB yourself, then the Post UTME screening test should be a mere stroll in the park for you.

How is UNIBEN Law Engineering Post UTME Marked?

As in JAMB-UTME, the Post UTME is marked over 400. So, each question carries 10 marks. Good enough as it is computer-based these days which leaves room for very little or no error at all in the marking process. However, it doesn’t take time for the institution to come up with their result as well.

UNIBEN Post UTME for Engineering Past Questions Sample

1. Unless we see the evil clearly, contending against them is like fighting their air

(a) Avoiding (b) Struggling with (c) Combating (d) Repelling

2. Nigeria is gradually experiencing economic recession Since niortality is the lot of man, argued the preacher, we must all accept death with equanimity

(a) anxiety (h) concern (c) uncertainty (d) serenity

3. As Sohan was on probe he was determined to not fall foul of the law

(a) was on parole he was determined to not fall foul of the law (b) was on parole. He was determined not to fall foul of the law (c) was in parole, he was eager avoid the law (d) was parole, he did not with provoke the law

4. If the letters of the word EQUATION’ be arranged at random, what is the probability that all vowels are together.

(a) 1/8 (b) 1/12 (c) 1/12 (d) 1/14

5. Jessica Mitford wrote The American way of Death, a best-selling book that led eventually to an official investigation of the funeral industry.

A. that led eventually b. that had led eventually c. that eventually led d. which led eventually.

6. Once upon a point in time, a small person named Little Red Riding Hood initiated plans for the preparation, delivery and transportation of foodstuffs to heir Grandmother.

A. and transportation of foodstuff to her grandmother b. and transportation of food stuffs to her grandmother c. and transportation of food supplies

How to Download UNIBEN Post UTME for Engineering Past Questions & Answers

Note:  University of Benin Post UTME past question and Answers for Engineering are not for free, rather they are bout for just ₦2000. Do not allow anyone to deceive you about downloading free past questions and answers for free because it is never true.

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